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how to zerona and fraxel laser treatment

A guide to Zerona and Fraxel laser treatment

One of the more recent trends in cosmetic surgeries is the use of laser treatments. Compared to traditional surgical, these new types of procedures have some advantages including a painless experience. Currently, you will find different types of treatments including skin resurfacing such as fraxel laser as well as procedures for removing stretch marks. However, one of the most popular is zerona laser. If you want to know more about this treatment, below is a summarized guide that you will find useful.

Zerona laser is a fat removal process that uses advanced laser technology to stimulate the movement of the fatty acids such that they will shift into the empty positions between the normal cells. Once that is done, they will be removed via our normal body discharge without any surgery.

There are a couple of benefits that zerona brings to the table. For one, it is much cheaper. Compared to traditional liposuction, zerona laser is a much more inexpensive option as it costs only USD2000 on average.  In contrast, surgical liposuction will typically average around USD5,700. Another benefit of zerona laser is its non invasive nature. Patients going through this procedure need only to sit in the zerona machine without suffering from any cuts or bleeding. This effectively lowers the downtime from a few months to zero, which means patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. In additional, they do not run into any risk of leaving any surgical scars that might require another surgery to remove.

However, you should note that this treatment is not meant to help obese people lose weight. Rather it is to help healthy people remove some stubborn fats in certain areas that are resistant to regular exercising. If you seriously overweight and think that zerona laser can be your solution, I am afraid to say that your expectation will not be met.

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