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what to eating diabetes patient

what to eating diabetes patient ?

The number of diabetes patient with this disease is increasingly increasing. To be safe from this disease, pay special attention to your diet.

diabetes patient psychiatrists need to pay attention to the diet with a medicine because it is very important in this epidemic. Some gentlemen are on the name of piety, but they take care of each other.

For this you have to disassemble that the choice of diet should focus on the advice of the doctor as alternative food systems are available for guidance.

Alternative diet system was introduced by the American Diagnostic Association in the 1950s, it has been changing over time and last change or amendment in 1995.Health system is a really good plan for diabetes patients. Helpful and good.

In this way the foods are divided into four groups based on the nature and enlightenment of their nutrition, as well as alternative foods have been translated into four lists. These categories are listed below:

  1. Low carbohydrates
  2. Meat (protein)
  3. Lingerie
  4. Attractions

In all the above-mentioned lists, each list contains multiple and varied foods. Their utility is different, which is obviously more than anyone else. The name of the system is given it to allow it to use a nutritional list as a replacement. By doing this, they look at the quantities given in the next page. However, there is no decrease in nutrition. An item of any nutritional list has been left. For example, if you have to choose an acne option for breakfast, then you can choose one slice of double bread or half cup of cereal or 3/4 cup cooked cats such as wheat or cornflakes. .These nutrients can be found to be available .This will provide you with 80 calories .You can use certain amounts of these foods because their diet utility is the same.

Doctor advise in the selection of diet

The doctor may be able to tell you the daily necessity (total amount). Such a task is of a trained specialist nutrition to quantify the amount of desired calorie in nutrients, and then the quantity of calories in carbohydrates is protein and fat. An error may be found. It is a matter of alternative diet system

Mutual foods will be selected for three days of the day and one of the time-consumed stocks that will be from all nutrients. Therefore, the best thing is that you first consult with a specialist nutrition whether you can adopt alternative systems. If you are self-diagnosed with a diabetes patient, then it will help you understand the importance of nutrition and you will get your own dieting strategy more efficient.

When you understand the basis of alternative diet systems, you will find how easy it is to set up self-esteem men, always keep in mind that in order to be recommended for each meal, do not try to make each time of a meal. Stay on the daily one once set aside, do not even try to leave the foods in one-time meal and be used with the amount of food left and the next meals. This procedure will be very wrong and will create many problems. Because your system can not tolerate such extra food at one time. Otherwise, how much as it is to convert such a healthy diet and diet. Is . This fact always keeps in mind that every alternate diet alternative should be prepared for food, and the meals are the same for each one who can be punished once. Never try it out that the foods given in one-time meal should be left, and the quantity of these lean foods are used with the next meal.

This method will be very wrong, and it will create many problems. Because your system can not tolerate digestive diet at all times at a time. Otherwise, such anxiety and foodstuffs will create an imbalance, which will lead to additional problems.

After understanding the Mutual Food System, you can easily set the menu of your choice.

Along with the alternative system, you can also eat wide selection and diverse diet. This warning enables you to eat the right amount of recommended food and creates the ability to keep the desired day-to-day distribution of carbohydrate proteins and fatigue.If you remain balanced in the diet plan, Instead of cooking, you can take two plates.

Of course, if you have some other nutrition plan, do not try to change it without adverse advice. It does not matter what diet plan you are taking. Nutritional utility will help you It can help you to improve your diet. The cautious habits of drinking habits will give you a sense of health and will also be healthy.

List of alternative nutritious foods


Bread wheat grains are spiced and fried beans, beans, beans and cereal foods.

This is usually a disruptive unit.

1/2 cups of cereals or nutritious vegetables

30 grams of double bread, such as dried bread

20 to 30 grams of food (Some snacks may contain fat)

Nutritional utility

1 ….. The most destructive thing is the choice of Tom and B.

2 ….. Stem-canned foods are a good source of fiber.

3 ….. Dry Peas Beans and Pulses Provote protein fiber.

Guide to selection

1 ….. Choose such nutritious foods that will not be made of greasy or less fat will be used in their preparation.

2 ….. The nutritious foods that I do with greasy are considered as a defective and a substitute alternative for fat.

3 ….. Beans Pea Pea and Pulses are also included in the list of alternative diet foods.

4 ….. Some nutrient slices are different, etc. They are included instead of 30 grams 90-60 and 120 grams, so they fold in 2-3 or 4 alternatives, keep in mind that the amount you do not want to eat.

The following list refers to a nutritious alternative diet: 15 gram carbohydrates are 3 grams of protein 10 grams of fat and about 80 calories.

If not specified, the amount of simple cooked or raw condition (all edible edible) of all nutrients is the same as listed in the list)

Diet volume (style)

Double bread white big 1 slice (30 grams)

Dal Bread Brown Bread 1 Slice 30) Gram)

Kashash Double Roads 1

English version 1/2 (half)

Breadstick (10 centimeters long 1 centimeter thick 2 sticks

Chakraborty number 3

Hamed Burger Hot Dog Bin 1/2 Bin 30) Gram)

Plain Dribul Small 30) 1 grams)

Stretched head 15 cm 1/2

Rye Bread 1 Slice (30 grams)

Chipati 15 cm long bang 30) 1 gram

Small cubic medium size (11 cm 11) 1

White rice bark n rice plain 1/3 cup

Brinflakes plain wheat cooked 1/2 cup cooked in water

Corn Fleeweight Flex (Without Sugar) 3/4 Cups

Glye 1/2 cup

Wheat flour 3 meal poles

Needles (plain boiled) 1/2 cup

Simple plain cooked 1/2 cup

Frozen 3 dining tablets

Corn Floor 3 Eating Spirits

Corn flour (Corn Mel) 3 meal lime

Beans (dry peas and fried pulses and spices) as per the given nutrients in this list should be treated as 1 starch and 1 cereal meat)

Diet quantity

Raj month Labia Dry Peas White Bean Black Chain Simple Pipe 1/2 Cup

Baked peas or beans 1/3 cups

Cabbage chopped plainly cooked 1/2 cup

Simple plain 1/2 cup

Nutritious vegetables

Baked Vegetables 1/3 Cup

Fresh corn or frozen 1/2 cup

Peas (frozen canned or fresh) 1/2 cup

Winter Scout (Yellow Pudding) 1 Cup

Mix vegetables (corn peas etc.) 1 cup

Banana 1/2 cup

Simple (small) 90 gram flour or boiled potatoes)

Potato Buckle Chopped Simple (without any greasy) 1/2 cup

Ari 1/2 Cup

Yam (Bloody) Potato simple 1/2 cup

The nutritious foods are greasy-prepared (1 grounded + greasy)

Biscuit ((6 + 6 cm 1

French Fries 25-16 (90 grams)

Jonathan Noodles 1/2 cup

Simple clay 45) 1 grams)

Two 25 * 25 cm 1

Pan cake ((10 × 10 cm simple 2

Cream Crackers 3 (30 grams)

Pop run (low greasy or maker and wave) 3 cups

Ararat (Barak) 3 Cups

Cream Biscuit Small Number 3

Healthy paradise (11 * 11) cm 1

All cooked cats above are without extra duration or fat. For example, if 1/2 cups take simple cooked cereals and add a cup of high season, the nutritional value of the nut will have 1 stroke 1+ milk and its overall utility (serving) 170 calories 27 grams of caride bids, 11 grams of protein and small amounts It will be greasy.

Dry pea beans included in the list of nutritious alternative foods are usually flowered on the basis of cooking massage and rearrhea, thus increasing the amount of these cooked berries. A list is being given in this regard, which will tell you how many cooked foods can be considered equal to a cooked alternative diet. Considering what you eat, cooking it as an extra-edged unit Will be

Quantum cooked quantity cooked

Rice 2 food spoon 1/3 cup

Spacious 1/4 meal spoon 1/2 cup

Noodles 1/3 Cup 1/2 Cup

Macaroni 1/4 cup 1/2 cup

Dry Peas and Beans

(Take months, then white beans

Cabbage and Black Chain) 1/4 cup 1/2 cup

Pulse 3 Meat Cheese 1/2 cup

Oats and porridge 3 meal spoon 1/2 cup

Needles 3 Meat Shades 1/2 Cup

Swag (Traditional) 2 Meat Shades 1/2 Cup

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