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What is blood loss and anemia diseases?

What is anemia diseases?

Anemia diseases is caused due to lack of hemoglobin or red particles in blood. The majority of glutenous blood particles contain blood filled with protein, which helps oxygen to identify body cells.

When hemoglobin is reduced to a human’s blood, it becomes anemia, it means that the amount of oxygen in the body is reduced. It turns yellow, and it feels very weak and difficult.

Anemia can also occur for a short or long period. Minor diseases can be controlled by diet change. Disease treatment is needed if there is more illness

The signs and letters of Anemia diseases
Symptoms depend on the anemia’s intensity that it quickly reduces and causes it to be observed. It also depends on how small the body’s body can tolerate. Symptoms are listed below

Pale skin: Because blood color from hemoglobin is red
Lack of power: Due to lack of oxygen the power is reduced
After exercise or sports, there is a problem in breathing because oxygen decreases.
Vajpayee and Anemia types
There are many types of anemia based on the causes of the cause

Dietary anemia
Anemia is common due to lack of iron. Iron makes hemoglobin. These nutrients, breastfeeding milk, or non-cow mixture of milk, are likely to increase the chances of reducing the fluid after 6 months. Iron is required in the formula if the child does not start eating solid food.

Such mothers who produce a baby at full time, these children have enough storage of iron for 6 months as long as the children do not start taking solid food. There is a large amount of meat in the mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is also recommended with solid food for 6 months to two years

Anemia of deficiency of vitamins: It is due to lack of folic acid, vitamin B12 or vitamins. These nutrients are needed to make the body a homogeneous.

Being anemia is an illness
anemia diseases of the sick cells: It is masculine and it disturbed the RB size, it does not travel to the body and make it normal RBC. Due to which oxygen juice does not go into the body

Hemorrhoids, anemia, kidney disease, cancer or chronic illness occur. Anemia is also known as lipops like auto-ammonic illness.

Anemia diseases is a dangerous disease, anemia is a dangerous disease. It does not make new blood cells in the body. A good child can be born with this anemia or it can be caused by a genetic infection or medication reaction. Sometimes it may also be the initial form of Lacemia.

Hemometric anemia is usually due to genetic illness and causes irrational breakdown

Other reasons for anemia
Anemia is also caused by very old and severe blood emissions. Anemia is very common, due to the blood drainage in the gastrointestinal tract. It is usually caused by cowboy protein diarrhea.
Thai-cut hormone levels reduce testosterone levels
Sub-effects of some medicines
Risk of anemia
There are some groups of children who are more likely to have anemia. This is the motivations that lead to risk

Birth and weight reduction before time
Low growth is coming out of the world
Use obesity or bad food
The late effects of anemia
If anemia is not treated, it has a bad effect on child’s development. Anemia can also prevent mental development. It also causes focus issues, reading capabilities, and poor school performance

What will your child’s doctor do about anemia
Your child’s doctor will take a simple blood sample, which will detect the amount of oxygen in the child’s blood. The number of sizes and shapes of the IRBC will detect anemia type. Some diameter of hemoglobin blood can also be tested. The RBCs in the entire blood are also measured. This test is called a hemotort

The child’s doctor will also physically examine and ask you about the strength of the child, general health, and family history.

Acne Treatment
Treatment depends on what the causes of anemia were and its intensity is. The common treatment is based on the following

Fertilizer and extra medicines
Noodle’s children’s formula formula
Nutritional change As the diet of food is reduced and the fossil is increased. Food that contains the quantity of meat and green vegetable, those who do not like the meat want to eat a lot of green vegetables such as spinach, nail, cabbage, artificial or perfume.
Folic acid and Vitamins B12 extra medicines
Anemia, which was born in a serious illness reaction, requires steps to do so

Some varieties of anemia require blood change. The diseases involved include hypoplastal anemia, thalassemia, hemoglobin opathies, and blood transfusion increases the amount of iron in the body due to which the effects of poisonous effects occur. It may be possible that your child may be given different medicines to remove extra quantity of steel
Medicinal use to treat infection
Treatment in which Bonero makes more blood cells
Extraction of tubes: In some cases, which include lack of birth or birth loss, will destroy the nose that can destroy the red blood.

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