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what causes anorexia eating disorder

Fear of Fat
No one sets out to have anorexia. It takes hold slowly and might start with
a simple desire to lose a few pounds. However, in fully developed cases,
people with anorexia are malnourished, often depressed, obsessed with
food and/or exercise, and are still convinced that they are fat.
People with anorexia refuse to eat enough food to maintain normal
healthy body weight. Because they fear getting fat, people with anorexia
use extreme dieting to lose a lot of weight rapidly. They also may exercise
excessively to burn off calories. People with anorexia lose at least 15 to 20
percent of their normal body weight. For example, a girl who starts out
at 130 pounds might drop to 100 pounds. Anorexia involves a distorted
awareness of the body. People with this condition become preoccupied
with thinness and may continue to believe that they are fat even though
others see them as unnaturally thin. Over time, the weight that people
with anorexia want so desperately to control becomes frighteningly out
of control for them.
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Anorexia is much more common among girls and women (90–95%
of cases), but boys can have it too. It has been estimated that 1 or 2
out of 100 young women in the United States have anorexia nervosa
and that a considerably higher number have less severe eating disorder
symptoms. The disorder usually begins during adolescence. Girls
who participate in activities that value thinness, such as dancing, gymnastics,
or figure skating, are at higher risk than others for developing

What Causes Anorexia?

No single factor causes anorexia. Emotional problems, family difficulties,
social pressure, and biological variability all play a role. Widespread
glamorization of thinness in fashion magazines and among Hollywood
stars influences many girls to diet excessively. Once started, some extreme
dieting practices can be hard to stop. Girls who have a high need for
perfection and control may see dieting as a way to be the prettiest, thinnest,
and most perfect person among their peers; to live up their parents’
expectations for perfection; or to look like fashion models or movie stars
whom they admire. A girl who feels controlled by others and longs for
independence may use control of eating as a way to assert herself. In other
cases, anorexia may develop because of pressure to be extra-thin when
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What Can Happen When Someone Has Anorexia?

Anorexia can cause a number of serious medical problems, such as disturbed
heart rhythms and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can harm
vital organs. With anorexia, the body is literally starving. Bone and muscle
begin to waste away. Blood pressure and body temperature drop because
the body cannot maintain proper levels. Hair, nails, and skin become
dry and brittle. Girls with anorexia often stop menstruating*, and overall body growth and development can begin to slow down. Without treatment,
anorexia can cause irreversible damage to the body. It can lead to
heart failure* and sometimes death. In the United States, about 1,000
young women die each year from complications of anorexia.
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