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The causes of some heart diseases

The causes of some heart diseases

heart diseases is suddenly invaded, but through different types of signs and symbols he first knows us. If there is symptoms like flowering, chest pain, intensity of heartache, fasting of heart rate, headache or straining, swelling, especially continuous stomach on foot If you are looking, please refer to your doctor so that you can take measures to prevent timely dysfunction.
Heart attack

The biggest cause of heart diseases heart attacks is to reduce the number of patients, and during the period of bleeding. The heart needs continuous fuel to keep its activities and performance.

Heart gets its nutritional requirement through the brain through oxygen and our eating diet. The heart cells in the form of blood in the form of blood are narrow to our nutritiously defective and chabeloid glands. Trouble in the nerves leads to an obstacle. When the heart does not reach the desired blood volume, it expresses it in many ways. The heart of the heart which is kept in the blood causes death to become a heart attack. The main cause of the problem of the brain is high blood pressure.

Most of the amount of edible salt, unnecessary use of healthy greens, cigarettes and tea and alcohol addiction, no exercise, dysfunctional erosion, metabolicism, depression, mental stress, sudden shock, cholesterol abuse, triglyceros and Easy life-makers can also cause a heart attack.

Heart pain functions are the name of the tribe of the tribe. Symptoms of angina begin to arise when heart muscle weaknesses have to work more than their bedding or with tired surfaces. When we exercise or work hard, our body requires more oxygen and nutrition than usual. Increase in demand increases heart rate. The heart has to do extra performance, which leads to the pain of heart, causing muscle weakness. Heartache feels in the upper part of the breast bone and spreads around the breast. In case of intensity, it also grips neck, jaws, shoulder and arm.

Heart pain is a feeling of severe feeling rather than a tissue. The patient calls it a crisp crush, painful, and hard. The intense feeling of angina in angina, sweating and curing is due. Heart pain can cause effects of smoking, illness, chronic occupation, nausea, high pressure, wrath, wrinkling, permanent disorder, sugar, muscle acne and ankle.

Due to lack of blood and pressure in the blood, changes in moderate speed of heart failure occur. In medicine, it is known as a heart attack or a heart attack. It should be necessary to balance the speed of keeping heart pressure regularly. When the blood cells do not fill the blood properly due to a slow attitude and they begin to shrink blood, then inhibit heart diseases and disorders in heart failure and to show disorderly heart diseases. Think. The heart feels loud in this disease that the patient also starts listening to hammer sounds. The heart fears loudly and looks blind in front of eyes. Disorder and anxiety dominate patients with anxiety. It is worth eating blood, drinks, thieves, tea and cigarettes.

Some people also hold the disordered heart diseases from the mental stress and the emergence of nervous stress.

In this disease heart rate is more than a physical condition. The heart rate boom starts increasing the heart. The appearance of sermon appears. Heart pain, respiratory breath, and stomach disorders occur. The risk of death in this disease greatly reduces. Nervous weaknesses in the cause of this disease, drugs can be used suddenly or sadly, tea abuse and excessive work.

The hardness of the dead

The left part of the heart causes vomiting and causes obesity to thicken the walls. There is a very risky risk of death in this disease. Hardness in patients involves the effects of high blood pressure, abundance of meat, alcohol, tea and cigarette habits and the effects of the past.

Heart muscle breakdown

This stage creates vomiting in the heart, which is an instrument to indirectly affect the performance of the heart. This disease is also considered dangerous for life. Career therapy should always be cautious, the life should not be put in the circle of home appliances and semi-governors. In this disease the feeling of pain and heavy pain in the heart. There is a strange disorder and anxiety in nature. Symptoms appear to appear inappropriate in heart functions. When there is an intensity in this disease, the patient’s condition becomes patient due to the patient’s condition.

Heart valve error

Due to inflammation in the heart membrane, the performance of heart chambers or valves does not remain affected without any effect. The modern medicine enhances it as infection. Heart membrane is caused by harmful bacteria. The diagnosis of this heart diseases should be as soon as possible

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