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symptoms of kidney cancer 5 clear

symptoms of kidney cancer 5 clear

Kidney cancer disease in the world, including the United States, is increasingly increasing, and according to a report, one of the 10 people suffers from ‘kidney disease’ or cancer.

According to a report by the American Kidney cancer Society, Kidney Cancer, only 64 thousand new “kidney cancer” cases reported throughout the United States.

Kidney cancer which is called a Kidney cancer disease is one of the American fastest growing diseases, but the next thing is that man can kidneys live with it.

It seems that every human has 2 kidneys.

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There are 5 distinct symptoms of ‘kidney’ cancer, which can diagnose any disease in any person.

  1. Blood in urine
    The blood of urine of kidney disease or urine patients changes, most people start bleeding in urine.Due to various stages of cancer or urine the urine or blood color is different, and it is the kidney disease of the biggest and clear sign.
  2. Fast weight/weight loss
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    People suffering from kidney cancer are weakening daily, they do not work much harder, even when their physical weight is reduced automatically.
  3. Body back pain down the waist
    Despite suffering from cordney cancer, more people do not feel much pain in the back under the waist until the disease grows more, but the doctor should have the slightest pain.
  4. The decrease of homo-glucose in anemia/blood
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    The blood-borne system of people suffering from kidney disease does not work properly, and its blood reduces the healthy red particles because it does not reduce the weakness, fatigue and any work properly. Problems occur
  5. Chronic fever
    One of the symptoms of kidney disease is also that the person suffering from it is suffering from chronic fever, despite the treatment, its fever is reduced.

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