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signs of diabetes that appear on the skin

Signs of diabetes that appear on the skin

what Is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that can affect multiple parts of the body and its symptoms also vary in different parts.If these symptoms appear on the skin, it means that the blood sugar level has increased so much that it is warning in the form of early diseases that the doctor should refer.

Usually, this happens when diabetes is not diagnosed or is in the initial stage or a change is needed.

So if you look at any of the following symptoms in your skin, then refer to the doctor and check the doctor immediately.

signs of diabetes that appear on the skin

Yellow, red or brown spots

The skin of the skin usually begins with severe stomach, such as nail acne, slowly swelling it, which can be yellow, red or brown. When this happens, the skin starts feeling shiny, blood veins begin to appear, there is an irritation and anxiety in the affected area is that signs of diabetes. If so, it should be diabetes test, if not diagnosed and that is fine, then show the dermatologist.
Quickly look like a silk-like a dye
The skin’s deepening and the feeling of silk leaves generally indicates that the amount of insulin in the body has increased significantly, that symbol is often seen in pre-diabetes or signs of diabetes in front of which Sugar checks should be done on arrival.

Skin Hard

When the fingers, toes of the toes, or the skin of both sides, become stiff and thick, and with the fingers of hands handsome and the movement becomes difficult, it may also be a sign of diabetes. This sign of severe, thick and swollen skin can spread through fingers and spread to the upper part of the hand, but can reach the neck.


This sign seems very little but diabetic people may have an inflammation of the skin suddenly, it may increase or it may have many flaws. Usually, these fields appear in hands, feet, legs, or elbow, and it seems that the part is burnt, but it does not have any problem is that signs of diabetes. If so, consult the doctor and consult.

Quick infection

People with diabetes are commonly infected, if you have such an infection and feel pain in sleeping skin with skin, skin feels as soon as possible, or get relief in whitewater is that also signs of diabetes, get medical assistance immediately. And consult the doctor and check the sugar check.

Open wound

Blood sugar extends for long, resulting in blood circulation and loss of nervousness, resulting in the body’s ability to cure the wound, especially in the feet, this wound appears to be signs of diabetes. It is also known as Nazareth.


Usually, it contains dark spots or lines in the pinnacle, which is a common sign of people with diabetes. It is very less that it is seen in some parts of the hands, thighs or body by removing the bull. Usually these spots are black and they do not feel any problem.

Small redefined yellow gray

In general, it looks like nails, but their color quickly becomes yellow, which emerges behind the thighs, elves, and knees, it also feels irritable is that also signs of diabetes.


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