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Prostate cancer symptoms

Men’s silent killer: Get symptoms of prostate cancer

The prostate cancer increases slowly due to which the patient does not feel symptoms in the early stages. This quality continues for years, but with its growth, this cancer significantly hinders the performance of human body activists.

Its first effect appears on the urine process. The pressure on the prostate is a stroke (urinary groove) which causes the severe burden on muscle at urine. The patient feels not completely empty of the bladder and blood in urine also appears.
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The appearance of these signs does not always mean that the patient is suffering from cancer, but due to this it may also cause the prostate flower to go. However, it should not be ignored.
This causes cancer to lose control of ovaries or ovaries. Also in the lower part of the waist and in the thorns, it also makes trouble. The most affected thing is the bones from this disease. Especially the bone, under the waist and spinal cord.
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In some extreme situations, the patient also gets high blood pressure, fatigue, and weight loss.

The Prostate cancer is a second cancerous disease, which is most likely to affect men’s glands. In 2012, its 29,000 patients were diagnosed in the Middle East. In 2012, 15 people died in this world due to prostate cancer. The average age of diagnosis of this disease is 67 years

In older men, especially for men over 50 years, prostate glands or bellies increase, and increasing glands is not a sign of cancer. The reasons for the increase of glands are the following reasons

Causes Of Prostate cancer

1. Protestants. (It causes inflammation due to infection in the prostate), however, it is not a cancerous sign.

2. Beneath Prosthetic Hyperplasia or Hypertrophy (BHPH BPH-): It increases prostate glands and tears the urinary tract squeeze and makes it difficult to urine the urine.

3. Prostate Cancer: cells in prostate cancer begin to become unusual and start disruption. It starts developing prostate glands.

Note: Here it is important to know that there are many changes in the prostate that are not prostate cancer.
This leaflet focuses on prostate cancer.

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