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make your skin whitening with 6 food

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Topic: make your skin whitening with 6 food

make your skin whitening with 6 food

It is a common problem for women to be a woman. Due to different creams or lotions that are sold in expensive markets, they become increasingly sore but the effects of late goods are not good. These are in front of us in the form of effects, spots, thighs. Try to make sure the face of the face is as well as to try to keep it healthy and refreshing. The balanced diet performs best in this regard. along with
The effort to keep yourself from all kinds of mental stress and nervous stress also poses a positive impact on your face. So balanced diet is considered very important for each one. But there are some nutrients that if you make part of your daily diet, it will make clear on your face and the color will also be cleaned. 1. Fish fat or fisherman such as tuna or salmon food for the body Every way is useful and car arrivals, because when you eat fish, your body consists of bacteria and vitamins B, which are important to perform many important functions in the body, not only a major member of fatty acids. But also the body’s metabolism plays an important role in keeping the system active and active. The biotechnology also helps in keeping the ashes clean. 2.2. Omega-throat fatty acid present in the manganese seed helps keep the cells or cells in your body that will protect your ashes. Not only this, but also provides natural moisturizer to Askan as well as nutrients with nutrients, the fatty acid is rich and sufficient if you are vegetable, then your seeds may be a good food mixing. Is. The seed mango naturally finds ingredients that protect not only acne, but also help in maintaining natural shine. 3.3. Sugar sugar is also called suite potato, also called naturally water It is rich enough to get your body very water and protects your skin and other cells present in the body from the de-high drainage (drainage). Therefore, specialist nutrition and expertise suggest that the use of sugar cream in your diet should continue, because the water available in it gives a lot of benefit to asbestos. The color is clean and it is naturally absorbed naturally. Vitamins A is also a significant amount of other vegetables, such as carrots, spinach and gourmet. The use of these vegetables brings headache and freshness in the skin. Instead of cooking carrot, sweet potatoes and spinach, if they are used to boil only, its positive results appear to be very soon.4. Almonds in Badam Dry Vegetables are considered best for the face in vitamins. There is a lot of money. And it plays an important role in developing Vitamin E Asin. Often women (especially working women) often face the skin’s skin, and frequent sun block does not affect it, the vitamins in the almonds cause the skin of your face to be destroyed due to sharp sunlight. It can also be said that the almonds can be the best possible solution to any sun screen. 5. Small seeds of sunflower, such as soybean seeds, have a significant amount of vitamin E which is asbestos. Keep an important role in keeping them healthy. So keep your sunflakes with almonds in your daily meals and then look at her amazing results on your face. Weather variations also affect the skin of the skin, and the cells are broken down, which also affect the face. Vitamins also help in rehabilitating and maintaining these cells. Since the skin absorbs and stays and the skin is healthy. The average natural vitamins in the vinegar is found in the sauna. It is useful for fatty and health, both of them are consumed as a result of eating or drinking juice. Orange juice does not suffer from water shortage, Vitamin C also plays an important role in making the body in the body. The body is mainly protein. Vitamins C in organic juice also acts as an antioxidants. Not only protects ashes, but also protects skin cells from being destroyed

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