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Best Laser treatment for acne

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Laser treatment for acne

Though there are plenty of options for acne treatment, most acne sufferers still struggle to find a solution for their blemishes. Relying on over-the-counter products involves a lot of guesswork, and they are often ineffective. When they do work, it can be months before you see a difference, and you must continue investing in the product or your acne will return. Doctors can prescribe medications and topical creams, but these often have a high risk of side effects, and can actually make the skin look worse. Tired of treatments that never really solve the problem, acne sufferers are expressing interest in laser treatment for acne.
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A few years ago, Laser treatment for acne basically seared the top level of skin. This would leave the area open (and prone to infection) after treatment during the lengthy healing period (around a month). Often, this treatment caused discoloration or additional scarring. Fortunately, laser treatment for acne has since made many advances. There are several kinds of Laser treatment for acne which are used, and the treatment is highly individualized. Most laser treatments use heat to kill bacteria in the skin. The area heals much more quickly (about a week), after which results can already be seen. As you recover further, you will notice more improvement because the skin is rebuilding collagen. At most, some pain or irritation may occur in the days following treatment. Simple creams provided by your doctor will alleviate these symptoms.
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Laser treatment for acne can also be used to treat acne scars, though usually these treatments are performed separately. Laser acne treatment is expensive. A single session can cost up to $500, and multiple treatments are almost always required, meaning you may end up spending thousands. This cost is rarely covered by insurance. However, laser treatment offers a definitive solution for acne, and those who have gone through the treatment claim the price is worth it. Considering how much money is spent on treatments that don’t work, laser acne treatment may actually be about the same cost. If you have done your research and believe that laser treatment may be the solution for your acne, find a reputable doctor to discuss it with.

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