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how to keep blood pressure normal

how to keep blood pressure normal?

Daily reduces blood pressure normal or short-term sleep blood pressure and risk of heart attack. This has emerged in a new medical research The visit of the European Society of Cardiology in London According to the research, the use of medicines to reduce the gold blood problems for one hour or more in the afternoon, help in reducing the use of medicines. According to research conducted by the Uunan Medical Medicine Reduces blood pressure normal
Due to which blood pressure do not have high demand for medicinal medicines. They had to say that this habit reduces blood pressure readings up to 4 percent. According to the prospect, apparently this decrease does not take much but the blood pressure level The slightest reduction in the risk of heart disease and heart diseases such as heart attack and fluid reduces 10 percent. Similarly, research also states that people with convulsions result in high blood pressure resulting in blood vessels and heart attacks.

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The use of fruits and vegetables mostly helps blood pressure to keep normally while you are healthy:

This is a medical study in the United States.

The research of Southern California University states that low use of salt is a proven source of blood pressure, but evidence has shown that the increase in nutritional potassium is also necessary to control blood pressure.

blood pressure is a major medical problem worldwide, and more than a billion people suffer from it. According to the World Health Organization, blood pressure causes at least 51 percent due to fluid and 45% of the disease is caused by catastrophe.During research, it was reviewed that fruits and vegetables are helpful in reducing blood pressure.

The results showed that potassium contained in it proves beneficial for this period.

Research suggests that the use of salt to a balanced extent keeps the potassium level in blood, which is essential for heart, nervousness and drug functions.

According to research, when potassium is high in the diet, kidneys remove more salt and water, which also increases the amount of potassium.

Researchers suggested that at least 4.7 grams of potassium blood pressure levels are necessary to keep the day low.

This research was published in the American Journal of Physiology.

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