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Four nutrients that can prevent heart disease

Four nutrients that can prevent heart disease

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The sharp pieces of heart are gathered rapidly in the hearts of the heart disease and the masses collect large amounts of heart cells and close blood vessels. Can finish perfectly. According to experts, cardiovascular disease increases or decreases but can not be stolen or completely eliminated. However, in 1990, a specialist health point was that there could be heart disease with vegetables and exercise etc. However, exercises, psychological feelings and environments also play an important role in the disease, but there are 4 nutrients that use obstacles and fat in the deadly arteries.
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Several major studies have shown that if garlic is mixed with onions, the amount of sulfur in the food increases and large amounts of anti-oxidants are obtained. Heart disease patients have been given food for garlic for one year and then they have been diagnosed, there is a significant decline in germ fat in heart cells.

In pomegranate ingredients, it is discovered that improve heart strength and heart disease. The powerful anti-oxidants of HDL cholesterol increase in it, which lead to cholesterol flow and thus, some experiments have proved that due to pomegranate, the disorder can also be removed. In another experiment, heart patients have been given pomegranate for 5 years, the severity of heart diseases decreased significantly.

This fruit is found in Italy more powerful, it contains powerful anti-oxidants that reduce blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol. Recently it was tested on some people, which resulted in the opening of the cells in just 6 months and it has very positive effects. This is exactly the fruit of lemon but its surface is rough.

Green tea:
The wonderful benefits of green tea are being discovered on the day. Green tea contains several important biological compounds that reduce the level of irritation and cholesterol. Green tea improves the overall health of the birds. Also, heart diseases improvements and green tea have also been proven well.

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