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drug symptoms treatment and maintenance

drug symptoms, treatment, and maintenance

Symptoms of drug addiction: To save your children, family members and other people from drug addiction, we need complete information about drug addiction so that if we have any symptoms in any person, we should recognize it as soon as possible. And focus on treating her therapy. Some symptoms of the drug patient are as follows:

(1) Weight starts to decrease, does not look hungry and colored yellow and eyes start red.
(2) Coming home late in the night becomes normal.
(3) Avoids crawling with diarrhea.
(4) At the slightest point of view, angry fire flakes and then cool-cold.
(5) goes away from religion, religious and moral values.
(6) Do not pay attention to clothes, shoes and your cleaning.
(7) Hiding cigarettes in the bathroom of the house.
(8) Jobs absent from school or college.
(9) Bad, odd, bodybuilding and breathing.
(10) Sells cash or sells goods by stolen to buy drugs.

drug symptoms
Patient treatment therapies: If all of the symptoms or symptoms above are present in an individual, it should not be late and treatment should be started. Drug patient treatment is very different from normal patients and her therapies are different, such as psychologists, cyclists etc. Drug patient should be treated or done by this graduation.
(1) The inspiration for the treatment: First of all, we should be intelligent that the drug addict is not a criminal. She is a patient. It does not hate, but also to come to love and compassion. Patient and patient surgeons are very important to treat for treatment. The patient is afraid of disgrace or police action. Family members also think of such sadness and try to hide from society. By eliminating these concerns, patients, and patients of the patient need to be encouraged to take them to the treatment center. All information about the patient is diagnosed in the clinical center.
What kind of drug is, how many amounts, how many times a day and how is it using? What are the problems and issues facing it? Has he ever tried to get drunk? Did you start it again? Because of what causes they are suffering from it? After receiving all these information, a specialist therapist can treat the patient better.
(2) Clearing the patient’s effects of drug addiction: The first step of treatment of drug addiction is to clear it from the effects of the drug. This procedure is called Detoxification. When the patient quotes the drug, it has to suffer a lot of torture. Symptoms of disorders, namely With-drawl Symptoms start, which cause severe pain in the body, come from stomach, nausea, eyes and nose, water flow, irritation, severe disorder and depression etc. Detoxification method minimizes all of these anxiety effects, and the patient is sprinkled. The patient has to go through the Detoxification process for ten and a half days and more. This is the most difficult step. And it is supervised by a specialist cyclist, and its success is on the therapist’s experience and passion.
(3) Psychiatric treatment: Drug therapeutic centers in drug addiction centers, as well as specific psychotherapy methods, are tried to change human mental behavior. This determination and belief in the patient is born that the name of escape from facts and facts of life is as follows. Good and responsible people are burned inside it. The moral, spiritual and religious values are considered. Family, honeymoon and the importance of respect, respect and respect of society is highlighted. And all these steps are tried to bring positive changes to their personality. All this is under the supervision of a psychologist. There is also a difference in the experience and passion of psychologists.
(4) Drug reversal prevention: It is a big problem to prevent the patient from getting back to the drug after treatment. It requires its continuous monitoring. After the treatment, the patient should not let every friend go to every grocery where he was suffering from this disease, because he would try his best to put it again. It is very important for the people of the drug addicts to have constant contact and cooperation with the patient and its surfers. The family should eliminate these conditions, due to which the patient was intoxicated. Love him, respect him and make him feel that he is an important member of this family and the entire family has many hopes and expectations. This whole struggle is called “later treatment” ie follow up. It can be filled with water, but it can turn water.
Patient Maintenance: Rehabilitation is also part of the treatment. The restoration means that after the treatment, the health of the patient was in place of re-smoking at the same place in respect of social, economic and self-esteem. If it was an employee, to restore it to the job, if the student was left and went to the school due to drug addiction, then to admit it again to school colleges, to give the place where it was at home etc. And patience is a test. If patients, family-friendly, friends, and communities play their role with purely righteous, compassionate, sympathy and consistency, then because of the social negligence and negligence of society and family

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