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blood sugar effects in pregnant women

how can control blood sugar pregnant women

Blood sugar effects During pregnancy, high blood sugar is referred to as emotional diabetes. According to Health Care Center, in this case, 5% of American pregnant women are affected and linked to heroes in the body. Due to weight loss, the history of mass or emerging children blood sugar effects, and the risk of modern diabetes over 25 years of age. During pregnancy, both mother and child help prevent complications and blood sugar levels, usually in proper management of pregnant diabetes. During pregnancy, a glucose is one of the major factors of glucose control. Strong blood glucose control helps ensure the best pregnancy. Diabetes control is for those who are going to their diabetes and those who develop diabetes during pregnancy.

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blood sugar effects control during pregnancy

There are several ways to test your blood sugar:

From your fingerprints: You are called a small injection (a lens) with your little finger and put blood on the test strip. Then you put the test strip in one meter that shows your blood sugar level. You get at least 15 seconds and keep this information safe for future use. Some meters can tell you your average blood sugar level at a time and you can show charts and graphs for your previous exam results. You can get blood sugar meter and strips in your local medicine.

The second test of this meter: The new meter allows you to test your fingers, such as your upper arm, Anand, thumb, and thigh. You can get different results on your finger. The blood sugar levels in the fingers show more rapid changes in other test sites. This is especially true when your blood changes rapidly in sugar, such as food or exercise. If you are checking your sugar, then there are possible symptoms of hypoglycemia, if you are likely, you should use your finger because it is more accurate to read.

blood sugar effects control during pregnancy chart

blood sugar effects control during pregnancy

Blood sugar control during pregnancy reduces the risk of blood glucose control blood sugar effects and child development. The target of mother pregnancy are HbA1c 6.1% (or 43mm M / mol). Pregnant women are advised to control the best of her diabetes. Before pregnancy before your blood sugar. The first eight weeks of pregnancy is an important visit, and it is recommended that more attacks blood sugar effects. People who have physical diabetes will be treated initially with food and exercise, blood sugar, and oral hypoglycemic (insects) or injection.

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