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12 signs of cancer that do not ignore

12 signs of cancer that do not ignore

Cancer is a disease that has now been cured, but its body has many adverse effects, even though the bad levels of disease are usually rare.

But you know that in most men, cancer is shown in the form of other diseases or symptoms, and because men do not want to go to the doctor, it is not easy to ignore them.

But it is important that you should know about your body and refer to the doctor for extraordinary changes or pain below.

12 signs of cancer that do not ignore

  1. Piss is difficult
    If you are having trouble preventing urine or blood, refer to the doctor as it may be symptoms of cancer. According to medical experts, unfortunately, bone cancer is considered to be the major symptoms of disease when the disease is near the last phase.
  2. Feature changes soon
    According to an investigator, more than 50 years of women aged more likely to be more than twice as likely as women under age-old people. Women are often repeated in the sun and do not use the sun screen, whereas they do not have a head and ear cap, so they are more vulnerable to cancer. Similarly, there is no potential diagnostic diagnosis of cancer inside men, traditionally related to men, skin symptoms of skin, black spot, slam or Salim etc. are notable.
  3. Mouth pain or pain
    If there is a bell in the mouth, it is not a problem of trouble or dental pain, but when it does not well or paint, it becomes a white or red mark on spoon or languages or nearby jaw. If you feel sympathetic or quickly, it may be symptoms of mouth cancer, especially those who use smoking or tobacco are a major risk of cancer. In the case of these signs, the doctor should immediately refer.
  4. Continuous cough
    Cough that lasted for three weeks or longer, even if fever or allergies are not high, it may be the first sign of lung cancer. This sign appears in the case of blood cancer, especially if coughing. Lung cancer can also cause chest pain, which can spread shoulder or down from the chest.
  5. Blood in the waste
    If there is blood in waste, it may indicate Arthur’s cancer, if this sign comes out, it should refer to the doctor immediately, because of which it can cause any other disease due to any disease. It is because the blood in the waste is minor. Does not happen
  6. Static or nausea
    If you have the stomach ache or feel controversial at all times, it may be allergic to cancer, but symptoms of blood and lip cancer also appear.
  7. Often fever or infection
    If you are healthy but still remain double, it is the earliest mark of blood cancer, at the beginning of cancer, significantly increases the number of blood cells in the body, resulting in body infections. Resulting in fighting. Capacity is affected.
  8. It’s hard to swallow
    If it is difficult for a throat for some weeks, it may be difficult to swallow it, it can cause stomach or throat cancer, while some experts have also said the initial sign of lung cancer.
  9. Too much puff
    If your body is the result of carrots in carrots, especially in places where hands or fingers etc., usually this symptom is also a blood cancer. it shows
  10. No reason
    Most people may feel good due to lack of physical deficiency, but for some reason the appetite ends or may decrease, it may be due to the effects of liver, intestines and hip cancer. It is also in blood cancer.
  11. Steady fatigue
    Each has to face physical energy sometimes, but if it is daily for a month, it seems breathable knee, it can be a risk, blood cancer can lead to fatigue all the time. Most often, cancer cannot occur but can be treated by the doctor as a sign of any other disease.
  12. Severe headache
    If you have a half headache or pain, it is very low, but it is a sudden headache all the time, it can be targeted by mental psychiatrists.


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